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Not so far ago in Imatra, Finland has ended ski-orienteering championships. High speeds, steep slopes, tricky route choices - that's what was waiting for the athletes on interesting races!


Nika took part in European youth ski-o champ as a member of Russian National Team. Her results deserve to share with audience: she ended on a podium all 4 races!

In sprint discipline Nika finished on the 2nd place, 11 second behind Swiss Lea Widmer. The third place went to Siiri Saalo from Finland. Long from mass-start is Nika's "crown" and favorite discipline, so we were not very surprised when she had crossed finish line the first and the second Siiri Saalo came only after 3 minutes. Third place went to Russian Olesia Riazanova!


Big day for Russian team!


First two places in middle distance took the same girls as in long, and only the third place took a new one star from Sweden - Elin Schagerstrom. The last day Russians expected to show their best, as it was relay. Sometimes everything goes not as planned and it forces us to work more! That's why girls team wasn't disappointed with their 3rd place - they only smiled wide at a price giving ceremony and promised to come back with higher place!) First place went to Finnish girls and second - to Swiss girls. As you see, it was a great week for Nika in Finland! So we want to congratulate her and wish further victories! Nika herself says big thanks to all, who supported her during the season, and knows that there is a lot to work on: there were mistakes and she is still not as good as Vladislav Kiselev, who took all 4 golds, amazingly!

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