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About Me

I was born in Moscow in a sportive family, where my parents aimed to raise children, who are in love with sport - and they succeeded! My father - Oleg Kalinin - is a World Rogaining champion and he taught me to be persistent and diligent.

My mother - Elena Kheldert - has been walking courses with me since I was 4 and taught me orienteering techniques.

I've been competing for Stockholm clubs Hellas, OK Södertörn and have been running for IFK Lidingö SOK since 2019. Member of the Russian National team in ski- and foot-orienteering since 2015.

Junior World orienteering champion 2018 & 2019.

Russian champs 2019




Gold x2, silver x1

2018 Gold x1 (relay)

2019 Gold x1 (long), silver x1 (relay)

2022 2nd place, IFK Lidingö SOK


Bronze x3

2017 Bronze x1 (relay)

2016 Bronze x2 (sprint, long)


Gold x1, Bronze x1

2023 Bronze x1

2022 Gold x1

Russian Championship

Gold x38, Silver x14, Bronze x9

2023 Gold x5, silver x2, bronze x1

2022 Gold x1, bronze x1

2021 Bronze x1

2020 Gold x2, silver x3, bronze x4

2019 Gold x2, silver x3

2018 Gold x5, Silver x2

2017 Gold x6, Silver x1

2016 Gold x2
2015 Gold x2, Silver x1, Bronze x1

2014 Gold x8, Silver x2

2013 Gold x5, Bronze x1



Silver x2

2018 Silver x2 (middle, relay)


Gold x3, Silver x1, Bronze x2


2017 Gold x2 (middle, long), Silver x1 (sprint), Bronze x1 (relay)

2016 Gold x1 (relay)

2015 Bronze x1 (sprint)


Russian Championship

Gold x11, Silver x6, Bronze x4


2019 Gold x1, Silver x3

2017 Gold x2, Bronze x1

2016 Gold x3, Bronze x2
2015 Gold x1, Silver x2

2014 Gold x3

2012 Gold x1, Silver x1, Bronze x1

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