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JWOC selection races

Hello, and we're again here to share with you results of JWOC selection races to Russian team!


There were two parts of selections: first part included two individual sprint races in Moscow - the capital of Russia; and second part took place in Russian city Vladimir - there are big open hills and deep rugged green ravines there.

Nice combination for a difficult orienteering, agree? Second part consisted of three forest races - two middle distances and one long distance.

You can find maps from selection races in "maps" Nika, competing for the first year in w18 wasn't afraid of 20-years old girls and turned out a good rival. As a result - she has been selected to the team for JWOC on the 2nd place! Congrats! You can see the whole list of athletes, who will compete for Russia in Tampere in July: Women: Ekaterina Riazanova Veronika Kalinina Daria Panchenko Anna Dvorianskaia Ekaterina Vlasova Zlata Malysheva Men: Mihail Kuleshov Anton Kazenkin Nikita Gurevich Daniil Kashin Evgeniy Godlevskiy Kirill Komarov Let's wish our team good luck, and we will definitely follow them soon in Tampere!

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