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Wemec Consulting AB - my new sponsor!

With this post, I am excited and grateful to present my first Swedish sponsor - Wemec Consulting AB. The company provides consulting services for the engineering industry and, represented by Lars Åke Westerlund and Maria Vesterlund, has been so kind and forward-thinking to start a partnership with me. Setting long-term goals fuels my motivation for short-term actions, enables meticulous planning, and offers a clear vision for how I should dedicate my time to preparation. This journey toward becoming the best version of myself as an athlete is now bolstered by the support of my new sponsor. I am thrilled to announce this partnership, which not only propels my elite orienteering career forward but also inspires me to reach new heights of excellence. Thank you, Wemec Consulting AB, for your trust and unquestioned belief in me!

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